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Latest news! Flexyforce and HeavyChef collaborate to support South African startups. Read more here.

Meet the Flexyforce team.

We don’t employ 9 – 5ers. In fact, we don’t have employees at all. We use our own software to build relationships with a network of forward-thinking suppliers, advisors, freelancers, consultants and investors dedicated to a new, flexible future of work.

We believe that happy suppliers = better business. This is only possible with technology. Therefore, our team is not only 100% remote, but fully flexible to work whenever they want.

We trust each other, manage our legal agreements digitally and work 100% transparently. This is the Flexyforce culture. An agile, hard-working team, building a product for people like us. People excited about a more automated future of work.

Fast. Flexible. Friendly.

“I just love building and leading innovative & sustainable businesses that create a positive impact in the world.”

“An average day for me? Preparing Flexyforce for long-term greatness by dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s. Boom!”

“I make sure that users have a seamless experience on our software.”

“I’m a passionate developer working hard every day to make sure Flexyforce is #flawless.”

“Building Flexyforce one line of code at a time :)”

“I have a true passion for design and to help companies, especially startups create beautiful products that inspire.”

“I like to design remarkable & engaging user experiences.”

“Social Media channels are my true passion.  I love to create stories that can inspire people and show them a new point of view.”

“I do all those admin jobs that no one likes to do.  Admin is passion.”

“I look at Flexyforce’s financial requirement to ensure growth.”

“It’s not a bug, it’s a new product feature…. ;)”

“Learning and growing every day! Coffee anyone?”

“I’m all about customer centricity – I love building marketing strategies that get our customers excited.”

“I believe in growing software architecture and teams in a complementary way, and leverage this when mentoring startups.”

“Brent Spilkin, business coach, published author and angel investor.”

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Ground Floor Block B,
Black River Business Park
Observatory, Cape Town
South Africa

Follow our team on their #flexyworking adventures all over the world.
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