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Why use Flexyforce™

Building a Flexyforce™ is the secret talent weapon you need to navigate the complexities of increasing productivity today and into an on-demand future.

Save on costly
admin time
No more back-and-forth emails or lengthy contracting processes. Flexyforce™ has a simple 5-step booking process that takes care of all the administration of booking, contracting and paying your freelancers.
Increase your
agility & capacity
Get access to the skills you need when you need them. Flexyforce™ gives you visibility of your freelance workforce availability and allows you to book instantly.
Create better
A happy freelance contractor means better quality work. Flexyforce™ handles your payroll and invoicing, meaning your freelance workforce is always paid correctly and on time, avoiding awkward chases with the finance team.
Prepare for the
Future of Work
It’s estimated that by 2030 more than half of the global workforce will be freelance. Start securing your workforce of flexible key talent before other businesses catch-on that having a Flexyforce™ is a real competitive advantage.

How it works

Create Your Company Account
Set up a company-branded profile. Reach out to the Flexyforce™ team to get your account activated to ensure easy & secure payments later on.

Start Building Your Flexyforce™
Import the details of your existing freelance workforce or invite top talent to join your company from the Flexyforce™ community.

Book Experts On-demand
Search your freelance network and view their real-time availability. Follow a simple 5-step booking process to contract them.

Approve and Release Payouts
Pay freelance workers automatically, monthly or in real-time. Flexyforce™ takes care of all payroll & tax requirements, ensuring you have a happy freelance workforce.


We often get asked these questions, but please feel free to reach out to our team if you have any other questions.

There are different packages to choose from based on the amount of freelancers or contractors you work with. To get started with a company profile is free (30 day free trial)! A free account allows you to build your Flexyforce™ and make bookings at a 9% Payment fee. See our Pricing page for more info.

Although we don’t provide recruitment or sourcing services, there is a network of freelance experts for you to tap into in a self-service search desk, much like you would in a Google search.

Conversations from the Flexyforce™ movement

Keep up-to-date and inspired with industry insights and strategies from the Flexyforce™ community. Have something to contribute? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch on [email protected]

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