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More than just another business tool, this South African software brand is supporting the local startup ecosystem.

The Heavy Chef and Cape Town Startup Week 2019 welcome new prize sponsor and exhibitor, Flexyforce

The Heavy Chef and Cape Town Startup Week 2019 (CTSUW) has announced the inclusion of Flexyforce, a new cloud-based supplier management tool to this year’s exhibitor line-up. More than your average software, Flexyforce is modernizing the way businesses onboard, contract and manage payouts for all kinds of suppliers,. Situated in the Startup Village, Flexyforce will have a live showcase of its features, such as faster supplier onboarding and real-time reporting- which ultimately means less paper based admin, better burn management and more productivity for South African entrepreneurs.


Flexyforce will award the nominees of this prestigious competition with a free one-year account valued at approximately R30 000 annual savings per startup.


Annette Muller, CEO and Founder of Flexyforce, says that the decision to partner was easy: “We are committed to the South African entrepreneurial ecosystem and this event will play an important role in assisting startups to learn how to work together to succeed in a challenging business environment. We believe we can not only be an asset from a business automation perspective but also contribute to the larger South African startup community by promoting startup collaboration. CTSUW will enable us to share this philosophy further and increase awareness of our software aimed at digitizing the compliance, legal and payout processes assisting enterprises to work with entrepreneurs, freelancers and small to medium suppliers more seamlessly.”

As one of South Africa’s first digital onboarding, contracting and payout systems that caters to flexible suppliers like freelancers, contractors and shift workers, Muller is excited to showcase Flexyforce during CTSUW, and show startups just how easy it is to embrace modern workforce software. “Our team relies heavily on cloud-based startup tools such as Trello, Zoom, Xero, Calendly and Slack and we wouldn’t be nearly as productive without them; so many of our clients say the same thing about Flexyforce, by digitizing the onboarding and contracting of all of their suppliers their teams have a lot more time to do actual work versus administrative work.” says Muller.

During CTSUW, Heavy Chef is hosting a ‘Top 5 most exciting startups’ initiative. In its third consecutive year, a lineup of extraordinary startup founders will reveal how they are changing the world. This is the final event and forms part of the ‘First Thursday’ agenda. Muller says that Flexyforce will award the nominees of this prestigious competition with a free one-year account. This will include access to all premium Flexyforce features as well as free access to a central discovery network of suppliers and freelancers to procure from, valued at approximately R30 000 annual saving per startup.

“We are passionate about supporting startup businesses. Not only to provide them with modern software to automate key supplier administration and compliance requirements from the get-go, but by also assisting and encouraging these entrepreneurs to use each others businesses and products. ” says Muller.

Developing a trusted community for business-to-business startups is crucial. One company’s success will result in growth and opportunity for everyone. Muller says this could drive additional acquisitions, funding and overall opportunities within the local startup community: “Heavy Chef has done such incredible work developing an ecosystem and Flexyforce wants to provide a meaningful contribution”

Flexyforce will be in the Startup Village in Workshop 17 at the V&A Waterfront. Heavy Chef and CTSUW 2019 run from 3 – 5 December 2019.

About Flexyforce
Established in Cape Town, South Africa in 2018, Flexyforce is South Africa’s first female-founded cloud-based business software. This unique flexible supplier management tool caters to freelancers and contract workers. By digitizing the onboarding, contracting and payout management of suppliers for businesses world-wide, Flexyforce offers an affordable and flexible alternative to traditional vendor management systems that saves time and builds future fit business operations – coupled with flexible pricing from start-ups to corporates. Flexyforce currently operates in South Africa, with plans to expand to the rest of the African continent and Australia in 2020. For more information on how you can switch to Flexyforce and join the #flexyworking movement visit

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