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Flexy is now officially Flexyforce! Read more about our evolution here!

From Flexy to Flexyforce: a brand new chapter (for you and for us!)

Back in 2016, our business – then called Flexy – was founded on an evolution:

After noticing a growing number of businesses were embracing several different kinds of job marketplaces, like UpWork, to find outsourced, independent workers, as well as reading reports about the uprising of the ‘gig economy’ (by 2020, 43% of the global workforce will be freelance), we realised that we were seeing a working world in flux. We were on the brink of a future of work where change was inevitable. The norms of hiring permanent employees only, and enforcing an office-bound 8-to-5 work day, had started to show signs of disruption.

But, as with any disruption, both businesses and freelancers alike were not immune to challenges or frustrations when attempting to embrace this new gig economy:

  • Storing freelancer contact details required cumbersome and outdated excel spreadsheets or painstaking inbox searches
  • There were too many platforms to choose from, and lack of IP retention & loyalty made the freelancer option often less viable for bigger companies
  • For companies, it was difficult to find available freelance talent, and for freelancers, it was hard to find great companies they can work with on an ongoing fashion
  • Onboarding and Payroll processes were lengthy and complex, requiring multiple layers of stakeholder approvals, and often resulting in disgruntled freelance suppliers
  • Booking and onboarding on-demand or contract workers was time-consuming and frustrating
  • Payments were also an issue – always either late, or involved an endless amount of paperwork and administration both inside organizations and for freelance experts finding themselves spending valuable working time chasing PO approvals

You’ll notice that we’ve written the above in the past tense. That’s because we believe the future is here, and that we’ve found a way to solve these challenges. But to do that, we as a business have had to evolve.

We decided to go full Flexyforce™

Driven by a personal purpose and passion to bring more flexibility to the workplace, and noticing that these challenges were not going to be solved by building yet another job marketplace, we decided to go full Flexyforce.

Our mission is to enable companies to embrace the gig economy by leveraging the latest software and smart integrations, and providing an open community to recruit from, in order to build a sustainable long term flexible talent solution.

We realised we needed a new identity that more accurately reflected the need our software serves to meet: enabling companies to work properly and happily with freelance workforces – their very own flexyforce.

What is a Flexyforce you may wonder?

A Flexyforce is a flexible workforce, one made up of different flexible team members with a variety of skills to tap into on-demand. It can consist of a blend of contract workers; management consultants, creatives, small collectives or freelance suppliers and subject matter experts, all pre-approved and on-boarded by each company. A flexible talent pool to scale up capacity as and when required. Often location independent and scattered all over the world, this new Flexyforce is not only for the present i.e. employing for current running projects, but a proactively curated network of top talent, ready to be mobilised overnight when new projects with deadlines for yesterday arrive.

Proactively build a workforce of the future a Flexyforce

From Flexy to Flexyforce: what’s changed for you?

You might have already noticed our logo change, and our domain name change to, but there are some great new updates to our pricing, product and offerings that you’ll want to know about:

For companies, we now offer a range of simple and affordable monthly subscription packages, which allow you to:

  • Get all the tools you need to visualise, manage and grow your own verified pool of freelancers, independent consultants and contract workers
  • Automated HR administration such as digitally-enabled onboarding, contracting and paying of freelancers
  • Use a real-time booking engine, and track contract and payout statuses from your account

View New Pricing Here.

For Freelance Suppliers, we now offer a brand new way of contracting with clients.
When you create a Flexyforce account you can:

  • Say goodbye to paper-based, often meaningless quotes and contracts
  • Receive bookings and contracts in real-time through our digitally-enabled booking and contracting system
  • Get discovered, and join amazing new company Flexyforces
  • Get paid on time every time, with automated payouts that happen at the completion of every booking

Find out more

What’s next at Flexyforce™?
The team of forward-thinking free range humans is continuing on a mission to bring freedom and flexibility to the workplace, by leveraging latest technologies and smart integrations with other awesome workflow automation & work software, like Slack, Trello, Harvest and Xero to name but a few. We’re also working on building an aggregated view for companies that will allow them to integrate and manage all their recruitment agencies and platforms – like Upwork – into one centralised system. Keep up to date with our latest product news and #flexyworking adventures – join our mailing list here.

Flexyforce™ is the new workforce.

Flexyforce™ is your all-in-one talent weapon of the future. Software to grow and manage on-demand teams and flexible workforces, strategically designed to automate the onboarding and contracting into one real-time booking engine, that makes booking and paying any freelance supplier fast and secure. What are you waiting for?

Get in Contact or Book a Demo to learn more!

We look forward to hearing your feedback on our recent changes. If you have any questions, or would just like to say hello, please get in touch!

Delivered with tons of joy from mostly Cape Town, South Africa and a little bit of #flexyworking all over the world.

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