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From Flexy to Flexyforce: a brand new chapter (for you and for us!).

Back in 2016, our business – then called Flexy – was founded on an evolution. We noticed a working world in flux:

A growing number of businesses, desperate for on-demand capacity to meet growth requirements, had started to embrace different job marketplaces like UpWork, to find outsourced, independent workers. Reports about the growing popularity of the ‘gig economy’ were citingstats that by 2020, 43% of the global workforce would be freelance, as more and more top talent were choosing to work independently and flexibly.

It was clear to us that change was inevitable: very soon, on-demand contingent workforces would be both a necessity and a norm. Businesses would need to adapt in order to attract and effectively work with top talent suppliers.

However, traditional business processes and systems weren’t designed with this future in mind, and both businesses and suppliers alike were facing numerous challenges when trying to adopt this new way of working:


  • Finding and storing flexible supplier details often result in cumbersome spreadsheets and endless inbox searches
  • Too many options, and a lack of IP retention and loyalty makes outsourcing seem less viable
  • Payroll processes are lengthy and complex, which result in endless paperwork, late payments, and disgruntled suppliers
  • Booking and on-boarding on-demand suppliers are time-consuming and frustrating

These complexities were preventing businesses from partnering with flexible workforces – so we spent the last 2 years actively working on a solution. Today we’re excited to introduce that solution; the evolution of our business and brand:

Meet Flexyforce™

Cloud-based relationship management software that easily onboards, contracts and manages payouts – for any kind of supplier.

Driven by the mission to bring more flexibility to the workplace (and understanding that these challenges were not going to be solved by building another job marketplace) we evolved our software into a cloud-based, relationship management platform suitable for any supplier. Businesses can now automate the onboarding, contracting and payments of their suppliers – all in one place, in real-time, anywhere in the world.

Our software enables enterprises to safely participate in the gig economy, leveraging the latest technologies to digitally contract and pay contingent suppliers in order to build a sustainable long term flexible talent solution.

We realised we needed our identity to accurately reflect the need our next generation software now serves to meet: enabling companies to save time and build better relationships with their suppliers by digitising the onboarding, contracting and payments of their contractors.

How? By building their very own flexyforce.

A flexyforce is your network of flexible, on-demand suppliers – your trusted, cloud-based team.

From Flexy to Flexyforce: what’s changed for you?

You might have already noticed our logo and domain name change, but there are other great new updates to our pricing, product, and offerings that you’ll want to know about.

For companies, we now offer a range of simple and affordable monthly subscription packages, which offers you:

  • Self service on-boarding and verification for suppliers
  • Beautiful database profile and document management – all in one place
  • Speedy digital contracting with real-time change requests
  • Payout notifications with hassle-free automatic tax calculations
  • Live spend forecasting and customised reporting
  • Add unlimited team users, effortlessly manage roles and permissions

View New Pricing Here.

For Suppliers, it’s time to build better working relationships. When you create a Flexyforce accountyou can:

  • Quickly onboard and get verified with our self-service system
  • Get discovered by companies and receive online bookings
  • Receive speedy digital contracting with real-time change requests
  • Keep communication clear with our in-app supplier chat
  • Get paid on time every time, with automatic payouts at the completion of every booking

What’s next at Flexyforce™?

Our next generation team of software nerds is continuing on a mission to bring freedom and flexibility to the workplace, by leveraging latest technologies to help bring data visibility, better supplier relationships, faster onboarding, less admin, no more paper, and so much more.

We’re also working on smart integrations with other awesome workflow automation & work software, like Slack, Trello, Harvest and Xero to name but a few. Keep up to date with our latest product news and #flexyforce adventures – join our mailing list here.

Flexyforce™ is the next generation supplier onboarding and management tool.

Flexyforce™ is South Africa’s first digital onboarding, contracting and payout system for working for any kind of supplier.

Get in Contact or Book a Demo to learn more!

We look forward to hearing your feedback on our recent changes. If you have any questions, or would just like to say hello, please get in touch!

Delivered with tons of joy from mostly Cape Town, South Africa and a little bit of #flexyworking all over the world.

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