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A collection of articles navigating Flexyforce for suppliers, independent consultants and other on-demand workers.

If you want to book your supplier on a retainer for specific dates, but does not extend over three months, then a good solution would be to book 3 x units at a month being a unit. Your supplier will then be contracted for the period needed with the dates stipulated.
Unless you offer a specific skill or service and charge exclusively by the hour, then setting your average hour, daily and monthly rate can be tricky. Fortunately, we offer different options for you to be contracted (booked) by a company: Fixed price for a fixed deliverable Fixed term (i.e. a specific number of hours, days or months over a set term) Monthly retainer (i.e. a number of hours or days per month ongoing) Before being booked by a company you will be able to discuss the job or project upfront and provide your client with a quote. Your client will then create a booking according to the project scope you discussed and pricing need not be dependant on the rates as per your profile.
Flexyforce is a cloud based supplier management solution and so currently, only companies who wish to onboard, contract and pay their independent contractors and small-to-medium suppliers can sign up and subscribe to the Flexyforce software. This function for freelancers and suppliers is still in Alpha, as we are not a job marketplace - but you will be able to open your own Flexyforce Account very soon! This will allow you to invite your existing companies and clients to Flexyforce where they then start their Flexyforces. We will be announcing this feature as soon as it becomes available, be sure to leave your email address with should you wish to be notified when this goes live.
When creating your supplier profile, you will be required to submit proof of your banking and tax details. When supplying proof of your banking details you can supply a bank statement that has been stamped by your bank or a letter from your bank confirming your details which be retrieved from your online banking profile. To provide proof of a tax number, you can simply upload your IT150 document, which you can obtain from SARS, or you can use your latest tax assessment (ITA34) which is the summary that SARS sends you each year after your tax submission. Documents received from your online SARS e-profile are acceptable as well.
The Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) requires us by law to request and obtain certain documentation from you so that we can legally process your payouts. If you don’t have a tax directive at hand then don’t worry - we do allow a grace period of 3 months in order for you to obtain one. However, after this, if a tax directive is still not supplied then we will be forced to withhold 25% of your payout as tax deduction, as if you were on PAYE, for SARS otherwise we become liable.
When creating a supplier profile, you will be required to uploaded your banking and tax details. This is a once-off setup to ensure your tax status and invoice settings are captured. Once your booking comes to an end, you will be notified via email when your payout has been processed. It can take anything between 3-5 business days for the money to reflect in your bank account. Your payout will be processed irrespective of submitting an invoice, but you will be required to provide an invoice if you are an invoice contractor. If you are a payroll contractor, you will be provided with a payslip for every booking completed.
A digital contract is an online booking. It is a real-time live online booking system where your terms and conditions for the work you are doing for your client is digitally captured and stored online on your Flexyforce Account.
Flexyforce is a powerful SaaS platform to onboard, digitally contract and pay suppliers and independent contractors. Flexyforce is not a job market but a tool companies use to onboard, book and pay their suppliers. Click here to read more about how our business model pivoted over the last year: If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact
You will receive a notification when your first booking comes to an end, with all invoice details and where to send your invoices. Your invoices will be made out to Flexyforce: Company Name: Next Platforms (Pty) Ltd t/a Flexyforce Address: 2 Fir Street, Block B, North Wing Black River Business Park Observatory 7925 VAT NUMBER: 4250273788 The amount on your invoice must be exactly as per your booking and payout. You can also submit your invoice at any time after your booking has ended by emailing it to
We are kindly requesting to please not circumvent your agreement with Flexyforce by going directly to a company or accepting payment directly from clients who were introduced to you by Flexyforce. If a company decides to contact you directly, please inform us at
Each supplier is responsible for setting their own rate at which they would like to work. Suppliers are not obliged to exclusively work with or through Flexyforce. Suppliers are not entitled to any paid leave, medical aid etc. Furthermore, suppliers are also responsible for providing their own work tools such as laptops, phones, software etc.
Primarily, you are fully responsible for your own taxation. This means that Flexyforce will not withhold any PAYE or other tax liabilities unless the company specifies otherwise. Flexyforce may deduct taxes on your behalf if you are working as an individual whereby; You may signup as an individual with the PAYE tax arrangement; in which case we may deduct 25 % to tax and do a payslip for you, no invoice required. Or you may a signup as a provisional tax payer; in which case we will require a tax directive or proof that you are paying your own taxes. You will also then need invoice us. If you operate from a Pty Ltd or any other company entity, you simply invoice us and we pay you accordingly: You can invoice from a company cc or Pty Ltd without VAT Or you can use a VAT registered company to invoice us. In this case we will require proof like a tax directive or tax clearance certificate to ensure you are playing nicely with SARS. If you need further clarity on how taxes work when working via Flexyforce please do not hesitate to send us an email at:
Well firstly, because it is free! Yes, free for all suppliers. And most importantly, with Flexyforce you know that you are guaranteed your payout on time, everytime! #HappyWorking
The software is FREE for you as a supplier to sign up and create your profile once you are invited to join a company's Flexyforce. Flexyforce has no hidden fees, or mark ups. What you charge a company, is what you get paid! So no need to inflate your rates or worry about commission, Flexyforce is 100% free for you 🙂
All Intellectual Property created by you under a contract with a company belongs to the company.
We have a 7 day Payout policy which means that you get paid 7 days after the booking has finished, or at the end of the month for all monthly bookings. Flexyforce guarantees your payout. We invoice your client, you invoice Flexyforce, and you get paid on time, every time.
Nope, you don't need to be! However, you must ensure that you submit your tax returns and any other requirements when working for companies in different countries. This may include having a valid work visa or other work authorization for the country if the job is on site. We recommend you speak to the company or email us at if at all unsure about your rights and requirements.
Generally speaking, yes. However, you cannot sell your skills and services at Flexyforce in breach of any laws, regulations or obligations to third parties. If your employer has any policy in place prohibiting you from selling skills outside of your employment, you may not sell your skills at Flexyforce.
As a supplier you will only be able to sign up to be part of a Flexyforce on invitation by a client, or company who has signed up to Flexyforce, as we are not a recruitment platform. Therefore the frequency of bookings will depend largely on your client. Bookings are highly variable, based on a wide range of factors including demand for the skills you sell, your prices and how many other consultants offer the same skill on your company's Flexyforce. It could also be dependant on the different projects currently running with your respective client and hence the need for your skills. Some suppliers are booked by their client every month, while others once every few months. It can also depend on you and how often you are available for work. You can turn your availability on and off on your profile.
Suppliers on Flexyforce offer a wide range of skills, including lean innovation management, web design and development, brand and creative advisory, UX advisory, product and project management, research and business analysis, amongst many others. When you sign up to join Flexyforce, you can let us know exactly what skills and services you offer.
Great news! You decide when you want to work, and how much you want to work per day, per month and per year, by updating your available capacity with Flexyforce. This entire process can be self-managed through your Flexyforce account. Simply visit your profile to set your availability and capacity.
Flexyforce requires up front or written PO / commitment to pay from companies before any booking gets confirmed. Please refrain from asking for the payment directly from the client as any dealings outside of Flexyforce will breach our guarantee to pay you. Any changes have to be communicated and actioned via the software in order to take effect.
If you have the capacity, by all means. The company will update the booking directly on Flexyforce, and we will take care of the “top up” admin. This will happen via changing a booking. You will have to accept any changes via Flexyforce for the change to take effect and reflect in your payout.
The terms are determined between the supplier and the client, and outlined in the Sale of Skills Agreement (SSA). Flexyforce plays a facilitation and administrative role in completing this agreement.
Each country has different regulations, please make sure to check your local VAT and tax regulations for working remotely, and locally. For South Africa, in the event that you or the entity through which you raise your invoices are VAT registered, you can charge VAT on the total value of the booking. We encourage all freelance professionals to set up companies or other appropriate legal entities through which they can build and grow their freelance business. Please get in touch if you require assistance with any regulations, we have great discounts at reputable firms for any Flexyforce Member.
Your Flexyforce membership as a supplier will remain FREE forever. However, we reserve the right to delete anyone who refuses to comply with the community standards, guidelines or IP, circumvention and general rules of conduct. We work hard, and play nicely!
In the event that you want to delete your Flexyforce account and have all your information deleted, you can contact us at support@flexyforcecom.
Absolutely! With Flexyforce, companies build up a trusted supplier network / workforce that they can tap into when required. We are flexible but also believe in building long term trusted relationships, so encourage ongoing relationships with a select few key companies. This is a primary differentiator and what sets Flexyforce apart from platforms like Upwork and Fiver.
Although companies are able to search and contact suppliers via the Discover network, Flexyforce unfortunately cannot guarantee that you will always have work. Flexyforce as is a software to automate the onboarding, contracting and payouts of suppliers and is not fulfilling the function of a job market.
All suppliers sell skills and services as independent contractors. You work in your own capacity at all times and you are not an employee, agent, partner, legal representative or joint venturer of Flexyforce at any point.
Flexyforce does not do your tax return. We have partnered with TaxTim, an online tax consultant that Flexyforce suppliers can utilise. TaxTim assists and will consult suppliers on doing their tax returns, with a proven track record of improving your tax returns.
Flexyforce remains FREE for suppliers and independent contractors, all costs are charged to the Company/Client.
Please consider industry and national standards, your level of experience and the value you place on your time when deciding the prices you set for your skills ans services. If you’re unsure, Flexyforce can assist you in setting your prices. Contact our team at
It depends on the company. If they want you on site, your location does matter. If not, you can work remotely from wherever you are.
Once a client indicates that they would like to hire skills and services from you, Flexyforce will facilitate the contracting process with a Sale of Skills Agreement (SSA). Note that while Flexyforce facilitates this, the SSA will be a contract between you and the client. The SSA is important, as it is the document that will officially scope the deliverables and/or skills, timeframes and budgets of the work and is a good way to decrease the likelihood of confusion and misalignment between you and the company you’re selling your skills and services to.
Flexyforce facilitates the payments process on your behalf. Meaning we collect the payment from the company and make the payment to you. Guaranteeing that you get paid within 7 days of completing the booking.
A supplier's average rates are visible on their profile, however, booking request amounts made by a company to the supplier can vary based on different expectations and project specifications. It is suggested that you discuss projects and jobs prior to any bookings with your client in order to make sure that any booking requests are in line with your fees and time available.
Companies are able to find your profile on Flexyforce if your profile is set to Discoverable and by searching for the skills that match what you are offering. That is why it is important to correctly manage your profile and keep it relevant to you. It is, however, to be noted that Flexyforce does not operate as a job market and is a software that enables companies to onboard, contract and payout their suppliers and independent contractors. For more information, check out the following article:
Your cancelation policy will then come in to effect that was established upon acceptance of the booking. You will be able to log on to your profile and cancel your booking which will then notify your client that you are ending your booking with them. Any form of hand overs or work not completed can then be discussed directly with your client.
We sure are. You can find the Flexyforce team on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Flexyforce is a closed network that is only accessible to Flexyforce suppliers and Flexyforce companies. So after creating your Flexyforce profile, you will have the option to decide if you would like to make your profile visible to other companies via our Discover network or to keep your profile private and only be visible to your clients. Non-Flexyforce companies will not be able to see your profile.
You will have access to your profile to at all times to manage your availability, work flow and earnings as well as constantly update your information. Giving you more control of what your clients know about you and making the booking process simpler.
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