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A collection of articles for companies joining Flexyforce to onboard and manage suppliers and independent contractors.

Your supplier will be paid out promptly on the payout date that is shown on the booking request summary. You can set this date well when creating a new booking request. The money will reflect in their bank account within the next 3 to 5 days. Payouts are never delayed and will always be on time 🙂
Flexyforce is the hassle-free way to onboard, contract and manage payouts for all kinds of suppliers, from independent contractors to limited companies - all in one place. What are the key benefits of using Flexyforce: It’s Cloud-based, and it is live Your supplier data is stored, secured and accessible whenever and wherever you need it. In real time. It’s Self-service Your suppliers create their own profiles and keep all their documentation and information up to date, so you don’t have to. It Integrates Seamlessly integrate with all your favourite software like Zapier, Xero, Sage, Harvest, Slack and more. It takes care of Tax Automatic payroll and vat calculations based on supplier tax profiles ensures everyone is compliant and payment forecasting is instant and reliable. If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us, so we can see how Flexyforce can help manage your supplier relationships.
Flexyforce facilitates onboarding, digital contracting and payouts to suppliers belonging to companies of all sizes - from startups to SMEs to listed corporate entities. Check out our subscription packages to see what services suit your company needs best:
Flexyforce is not a job marketplace, or freelance hiring platform. Flexyforce is a Next-Generation Supplier Management Software for small, medium and large companies that enables them to automate and manage their supplier relationships. Flexyforce helps companies to onboard and pay suppliers or independent contractors, and is set up to manage teams of independent contractors from all over the world.
1. ON-BOARD It’s quick and easy to on-board and manage suppliers irrespective of industry, whether they're payroll contractors, sole proprietors, VAT registered or Private Companies (Pty Limited). 2. VIEW Keep track of your suppliers, their contact details, tax statuses and availability - all in one place. 3. CONTRACT [A Booking] Schedule and book work in less than 90seconds. Simple online contract templates make paper and lengthy, expensive legal processes a thing of the past. 4. REPORT Schedule and report on payout dates invoices, purchase orders and more with real time reporting dashboards and csv downloads. Note that Flexyforce is currently only available for company sign-ups as our Pay Me Now feature for suppliers is still in Alpha.
Yes. You can curate your network of suppliers from anywhere in the world!
That’s up to you! You can specify when you onboard your suppliers if you want to only see people who work remotely, or if you need someone in a specific location available for on-site meetings or work.
Not a problem. All Flexyforce’s Booking terms and conditions include non-disclosure and non-circumvention clauses. If you require an additional, company specific non-disclosure agreement, Flexyforce can facilitate the signing of this document at your request.
You determine how you would prefer to contract. Flexyforce facilitates bookings for skills hires, directly between your company and the supplier. We are flexible and here to make it work for you. Some example contracts we have facilitated in the past include: Fixed price for a fixed deliverable Fixed term (i.e. a specific number of hours, days or months over a set term) Monthly retainer (i.e. a number of hours or days per month ongoing) Pay-and-use-as-you-go (i.e. hourly rate with time tracking)
Once you’ve selected the supplier that you would like to book, Flexyforce will facilitate the contracting process with a Sale of Skills Agreement (SSA). Note that while Flexyforce facilitates this, the SSA will be a contract directly between your company and the supplier. The SSA is important, as it is the document that will officially scope the deliverables and/or skills, timeframes and budgets of the work and is a good way to decrease the likelihood of confusion and misalignment between you and your supplier.
In the event that you want to delete your Flexyforce account and have all your information deleted, you can contact us at
Yes and No. If you are an independent, absolutely! So long as you have a seperate email addresses, business email domain from an established business and you are willing to pay for the charges involved in having and maintaining a Company account. Remember that Flexyforce is FREE for suppliers and consultants but not companies onboarding and managing their workforces. When is it not allowed? When you are full time employed at a company with a Flexyforce Workforce, you are not allowed to sign up as a supplier, as this may be in breach of your full time employment contract.
To book a Supplier on Flexyforce is simple and easy. Depending on which package you are, there will be different fees involved when booking a supplier. Please have a look at the following article: Depending on which subscription you have selected, Flexyforce will charge a negotiated percentage payment administration fee for payouts to Suppliers via Flexyforce. Note that each supplier sets their own hourly, daily and weekly rates. We have no mark-ups, and they receive the exact amount that you pay them. No hidden fees! 🙂
Flexyforce charges a monthly subscription fee, where depending on number of bookings and selected pricing package Flexyforce earns a percentage administration fee on all payments going via Flexyforce. This payment administration fee is determined by the monthly membership package you are subscribed to. Flexyforce charges no commission fees to suppliers or independent contractors, the rates you see and pay equals the earnings to the supplier. This is a key differentiating factor that sets Flexyforce apart 🙂
Register - Tell us about your company Invite your colleagues to join your company account Invite your suppliers to be part of your Flexyforce Select the skills and services you want to purchase and send your booking request Work gets done! If on the bespoke package - your company pays Flexyforce, Flexyforce pays your suppliers**
Once a company's database of suppliers has been on-boarded on to their Flexyforce a company can enter into an engagement for services rendered between the Enterprise (the company) with the supplier, this is referred to as a 'booking'.
To ensure that your Flexyforce experience is as productive as possible, we recommend the following: Set clear deliverables up front when requesting a booking; Schedule regular reviews with suppliers, the frequency of which will depend on the size and type of work being completed; and Identify and advise early with suppliers if expectations are not being met. The Flexyforce team is here to help if you have any questions or concerns. Contact us anytime at
With Flexyforce you build up a trusted Skills Network/Flexyforce that you can tap into when required. We are flexible but believe in building long term trusted relationships.
Yes you can! You can edit your booking with your supplier in order to book more of their time as long as the booking is still active. Be sure to check their availability on your booking management screen to make certain that they will have capacity to continue with your booking request.
If you are looking to book a supplier who was not invited by your company, then we suggest you view their profile and see what reviews their clients have given them previously. Currently, suppliers are only able to sign up to Flexyforce via an invite from a Company to join their Flexyforce and therefore will already have a working relationship with an Enterprise and not be a freestanding sign-up who needs to be verified.
Flexyforce is not industry specific, and any company from any industry can sign up and create an account to onboard, contract and manage payouts for all kinds of suppliers, from independent contractors to limited companies.
Flexyforce invoices the company prior to the commencement of the agreement and the company therefore pays the amount to Flexyforce, Flexyforce will then manage the payout to the supplier on completion of the contract or on the 25th of every month for projects that span over several months.
Suppliers and independent contractors are responsible for scoping and delivering work for companies. It is clearly set out in the Company Terms of Service that Flexyforce is not responsible for deliverables or the quality of work. In such event, we ask clients to adhere to providing fair notice of termination for suppliers as per the cancellation policy that is set in place upon acceptance of the booking.
You will have access to your Flexyforce of suppliers, onboarded over time, and you can also use the discover tab on your profile to search for suppliers that have the skills you require and have never worked with before. Note that only suppliers who have opted to make their profiles public will be visible on the discover network.
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