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Another wonderful evening co-created by Ideas Cartel, Brown&coThe Culture Canvas, Unsettled, The Resource, Flexyforce and Jeri Silverman

This meetup is centered around thought provoking discussions on remote working and building remote cultures, together with the role co-working spaces play in building communities and keeping people connected in an ever more lonely, location independent and virtual working world. We bring together very passionate people who will give you new insights into these “unknown territories”.

Book your ticket to  join us  in a beautiful & informal setting at a venue which will still be announced – a little secret. On Thursday the 08th of August 2018.


Already our second meetup in a series of #flexyworking knowledge sharing and networking evenings with inspiring global thought leaders passionate about figuring out how technology & new ways of working impact the way businesses of the future will operate and maintain a company culture.

Meet the Creators and Contributors

Kaylee Dobie

After spending a few years working with Sun International, and a year teaching in South Korea, Kaylee started her branding career at a global design agency. She has worked on some of the biggest brands in Africa, such as Standard Bank and Metropolitan, as well as some global ones, like Pernod Ricard, SABMiller and JDE (Jacobs Douwe Egberts). As she has no fixed office, Kaylee can often be found exploring the globe while working with the Brown&Co team.

Brown&Co being a company operating on a Virtual Collective model – all working remotely but connected using the latest technologies. Kaylee has given herself the role of finding ways to create and maintain a company culture in a virtual way.   

If a brand doesn’t aim to positively impact the life of every person that engages with it, then why should anyone listen or care? This is Brown&Co and this also relates back to their company culture.

We look forward to learn and engage with Kaylee and are very grateful for her contribution & participation. Perhaps also have a look at her article for the Brown&co blog.

Schuyler Vorster

Founder of Inner City Ideas Cartel, Schuyler Vorster, spends his days helping his company develop co-working spaces conducive towards productivity and opportunity for our tenants. It’s their mission to build the best office spaces in Africa. Schuyler believe that together – we win – and backs projects and property developments that bring dynamic companies and individuals together.

Innovation and creativity fuel his sales approach as customers are the core focus of his business life...

Schuyler and the team have been great and we look forward to hearing more about how co-working spaces help create communities and keeping people connected in an ever more lonely, location independent and virtual working world.


Be Unsettled is what they say and we can’t agree more. We’re very glad to have Unsettled as part of this meetup, as a remote working meetup will simply not be complete without Unsettled. Whether you’re going through an intentional career transition, or working remotely full time, Unsettled’s immersive coworking retreats give you the time, space and (un)structure to break out of your routine, build new relationships, and find new perspectives while growing personally and professionally in some of the world’s most inspiring destinations.

Feel connected, comfortable, and collaborative where ever you are. 

We believe this beautiful motto ties in with our evening perfectly and are excited to learn from their experience.

Nevo Habas

We’re very excited to have Nevo Hadas joining us on the evening. He has collaborated on a project called ‘The Culture Canvas’ which is about how to build team culture in distributed teams. They have created an e-book in collaboration with the Dutch Government and run workshops with large corporates.

We found it’s not about more or better technology. It’s about people, team dynamics and company culture.

We believe Nevo can bring us a lot of insights and knowledge with regards to building team cultures in distributed teams and we can’t wait to hear more from him!


Tessa Kleingeld

The lovely and inspiring Tessa is not only the Founder of Frolik but also a Freelance Designer with over 12 years experience in the industry. Tessa specializes in print design with a special interest in packaging, logo design & illustration. Besides all her freelancing work she is the admin and owner of the Facebook group, The Resource.

The Resource is a free community created to connect South African advertising, design & branding industries to creatives and book them on jobs quickly...

Tessa has been running The Resource for free as a service to the industry due to her passion for design, the freelance world and South African creatives. We’re very honored to have Tessa join us, sharing her journey and learnings to everyone hoping to build a successful freelance career.


Jeri Silverman

Jeri is a talented South African born singer-songwriter based in NYC. She writes acoustic heart-stirring melodies with a percussive fold pop edge. She has performed live across the US and South Africa and will be joining us to not only fill our evening with some soul-stirring entertainment, but also share her journey as an artist, embracing the Future of Work in more ways than one.

Jeri Silverman will be playing from her latest album, a collection of inspired songs written over the past 3 years, exploring the interplay between darkness and light. Download Jeri’s music here.

Jeri is a friend of Flexyforce, a brave artist and inspiring mind with fresh perspectives on creativity and the future of work. We are so happy to have a star in the house & grateful for her contribution to the evening and community!


Annette Muller

Flexyforce’s founder Annette Muller will lead the meetup adventure with all the energy, vision and imagination that has brought to life She is a serial entrepreneur, global speaker and women on a mission to bring true flexibility to the workplace as well as equal and meaningful work opportunities to everyone all over the world. Annette has learned from spending time in innovation agencies, corporates, start-ups through to recently exiting DOTNXT, one of South Africa’s first Corporate Innovation Agencies, to focus on bringing #flexyworking to life.

A company of the future. A culture of adventure and flexibility. A team with shared values, big hearts and open minds. A dream for every day to be a productive adventure.


Ideas Cartel & Jack Black Beer

For this event we have partnered with Ideas Cartel and we have a little surprise for you. The exact venue is still a secret but we will assure you, it’s going to be great. Jack Black Beer has come onboard to provide you with some great refreshing beers, so this evening can’t go wrong 🙂

That’s a wrap of the fantastic creators and contributors for the evening – We cannot wait to meet you, so please make sure you get your tickets. Wanna know more about our previous event? Please have a look at the following 🙂

Event Details:
Date: 08th of August 2018
Time: 17:30 for 18:00 – 20:00
Address: Secret venue
Ticket price: R 70,- includes a welcome drink, snacks & wisdom
Tickets are limited – please make sure you book yours here.

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