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Flexy is now officially Flexyforce! Read more about our evolution here!

Work with forward-thinking companies

who use Flexyforce™ to build and pay a network of suppliers.

Discover how Flexyforce actually works

A simple 4-step process to create your Flexyforce account 🙂

1. Join a company
You may receive an invite from a company to join their Flexyforce™

2. Complete your Flexyforce™ Profile
Here you’ll specify your skills, rates, availability and payout preferences to enable digital booking, contracting and payment, as well as show off your abilities and work from one central place.

3. Manage availability, bookings & payouts

Now that you’re all set up, companies can send you booking requests. You’ll be able to accept or reject a booking and can view crucial information like the project brief, agreed upon rates, expected completion date, and that all-important pay date. Did we mention the software takes care of PAYE and tax too?*

*Only applicable in South Africa

Looking to get rid of
contracting admin?

Enjoy digital onboarding, real time booking requests and simple online contracting. All linked to an automated payout, with all tax deductions and invoicing taken care of. Never be unclear again about what your client is going to pay you out for work.

Work with some of South Africa’s most forward-thinking companies who use Flexyforce™ to build and pay their flexible workforces.

Stories from the #flexyworking movement

Keep up-to-date and inspired with industry insights and strategies from the Flexyforce™ community. Have something to contribute? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch on [email protected]

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