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Flexy is now officially Flexyforce! Read more about our evolution here!

Join us for our Second Meetup – The Future of Company Culture

Another wonderful evening co-created by Ideas Cartel, Brown&coThe Culture Canvas, Unsettled, The Resource, Flexyforce and Jeri Silverman

This meetup is centered around thought provoking discussions on remote working and building remote cultures, together with the role co-working spaces play in building communities and keeping people connected in an ever more lonely, location independent and virtual working world. We bring together very passionate people who will give you new insights into these “unknown territories”.

Book your ticket to  join us  in a beautiful & informal setting at The Old Foundry, Entrance on Ebenezer Road, The Waterkant, Cape Town, 8001 – the brand new location from

Join us in Cape Town for our first #flexyworking meetup!

Join us for a wonderful evening co-created by The Resource, What The FreelanceSeedspace Cape Town, and Jeri Silverman

The idea for this event is centered around open hearted discussions that will bring true diversity, flexibility and freedom to the workplace. We bring together a bunch of people passionate about new ways of working, all with different perspectives and opinions ranging from new spaces we find ourselves working in, to new skills, freelancing and the future of recruitment, to the artists’ view on tapping into our creativity to stay relevant in an ever automated future workplace.

Book your ticket to  join us  in a beautiful &

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What you need to know before going Flexy.

I’ve never been a great employee and I was once told that, trying to manage me, is like trying to baptize a cat. One could say that I have an aversion to authority. I also…

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