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Latest news! Flexyforce and HeavyChef collaborate to support South African startups. Read more here.

Built for open-minded teams, working with suppliers to get work done.

Flexy uses all the latest technology and API integrations to reduce costs and help companies sustainably work with freelance workforces ; while at the same time opening up meaningful work opportunities for people all around the world choosing to work flexibly. A sophisticated smart online booking engine, beautiful database directory and sophisticated search based on availability, makes employing and paying a freelance team fast and easy.

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A Powerful SaaS platform to onboard and pay freelance workforces.

Subscribe to Flexyforce to effortlessly automate the recruitment, onboarding and payment of freelance workforces, which will save  time and costs in the associated legal and finance administration when working with freelancers at scale. Companies all over the world find safety and reassurance managing their freelance workforces with propriety technology.

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