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Mention the word ‘freelancer’ in the vicinity of staunch, card-carrying Baby Boomers who wield their uninterrupted 50-year employment records like badges of honour, and you might as well have told them you only wear underwear at funerals and plan to name your children Sonnet and Haiku.

The gig economy is still a little bit of a mystery to these folks, and that’s totally understandable, but it’s about time that the whole notion of the flighty, flash-in-the-pan creative with one foot out the door and their life savings in a jar behind the pinto beans goes the way of the dinosaur. In fact, in certain emerging and floundering economies, working as a freelancer can actually be a more stable career choice than permanent employment.

The reality

Yeah right, right? No actually, we’re quite serious. In unstable economies, the notion of retrenchment is a very real threat, and creatives are normally the first to lose their place at the table. Big corporates are far more likely to chuck their social media manager and in-house graphic designer overboard when the ship starts taking on water, than they are to jettison their CFO or trim the fat in the logistics department. That’s just business.

Make your own choices

So, what do you do when you want to make a living in your chosen field without the constant threat of having the rug pulled from under your hard-working bum? You spread your weight. I.e. you leave the (completely relative) safety of the office job to do your own thing, working for a few recurring clients. This way, you’ll cost a few businesses a little bit of money, rather than costing one company a sizeable chunk of change, making you a far less likely candidate for ‘retrenchment’ if business starts to suffer. Plus, even if you do lose one of these clients, you’ll have enough financial buoyancy to keep the boat afloat until you can patch the leak with a new client.

Freelancing can actually equal stability.

Your life in your hands

This is why you’ll find a lot of people with kids and dogs and veggie patches doing their own thing from the comfort of their own homes, where they also have the benefit of being able to hang out with said kid, walk said dog and water said garden within the confines of what would normally be considered ‘office hours’. Score!

For more insight into the life and times of freelancers, and advice on how to grow your foothold in the lucrative, world-wide gig economy, keep an eye on the blog in coming weeks and months. We promise to keep you inspired and biting at the bit to build your gun-for-hire empire from wherever you choose to do so.

Anna-Bet Stemmet
‘Freelance Copywriter’

This article and all the wisdom in it was contributed to the Flexy community by Anna-Bet Stemmet. Delivered with Joy and received with Gratitude. Want to share your story? Send us your experience with the subject “I want to share my story”.

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